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Frequently Asked Questions


We cover the Local Government Areas of Cessnock and Maitland. This is not an exhaustive description of the areas we cover. So if you’re outside these areas, please contact us and we will see what we can arrange.

Ideally, the first time you use “The Critter Sitter” we would like at least two weeks notice.

This allows us time to find the best Sitter for your pet(s).

You and your pet(s) will also need an introduction to your Sitter.

However, if you have less than two weeks before your holiday, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.


School Holidays:  50% of total sitting fee

Other Times Of Year:  One day’s sitting fee

A deposit is required at the time that you make your booking.


The balance of your fees is due two weeks before the commencement of your school holiday booking or 3 days for other times of the year.

We accept direct bank deposits, cash, cheque, and money orders.

For bank deposits, you must quote the job number/your surname as the transaction ID. Please contact us for direct deposit details.

 Cheques/Money Orders payable to:

The Critter Sitter
PO Box 776
Cessnock NSW 2325


A cancellation fee will be charged for bookings that are cancelled as follows:

Low Season

If more than 14 days notice given – 1 day’s sitting fee

If less than 14 days notice given – 10% of total sitting fee or 1 day’s sitting, whichever is greater.

Holiday Season (19th Dec to 9th Jan & Easter)

If more than 14 days notice given – 2 day’s sitting fee

If less than 14 days notice given – 50% of total sitting fee.


Late Notice (booking made less than 6 business days before start date)

 50% of total sitting fee or 1 day’s sitting fee, whichever is greater.

The Critter Barf

When to start Hydro Bathing:

All dogs can be Hydro Bathed from as early as 4 weeks of age. The earlier you start bathing your dog this way the quicker they get use to the noise and water pressure. Some dogs are so comfortable in having their bath this way that they actually appear to go to sleep!

Hydro Bath:

Dogs who present with a badly matted coat may not be able to use this wash service. Bad knots simply do not “wash” out and our high velocity dryers and combs will not work properly. Your groomer will advise if a clip or thorough brushing may be necessary before washing


Because of the popularity of this Service only Kennel Clips will be provided. No specialty clips

Cats, Rabbits, & Ferrets:

Unless your pet has been VERY unwell and needs to be clipped because of knots etc, we recommend that a very thorough brushing and wiped over with a damp cloth is all that is needed We do not Hydro Bath these pets at all. The noise alone just scares them silly!


It is recommended that chamois drying is best for the coat and skin of your dog but on cooler days a 2HP Bear Power Dryer can be used. The dryer uses pressurised ambient air to literally blow the water droplets from the coat.

NB: Some dogs do not do well when this dryer is used because of the noise. It sounds very much like a vacuum cleaner!

Bath Hygiene:

The Hydro Bath is routinely flushed through with Fido’s Hydro Bath Flush & Kennel Disinfectant or a multi use germicide.

All dogs that present to our premises for a hydro bath and/or our grooming service must have a current certificate showing that they are fully vaccinated. If there is any question that the animal has not been vaccinated a phone call to your vet will verify this. If the verification can not be given it will be refused for our bath and/or grooming service.

Any animal that presents to our premises for a hydro bath and/or our grooming service that appears unwell eg: runny nose, mucky eyes, diarrhoea, cough, certain skin conditions; will be refused a bath/groom until a vet certificate can be produced stating that the animal is in good health.


If you need additional information please call Michelle on 0402 901 646 or email us.